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In an increasingly fast-paced, digitally connected world, customers from many industries and countries rely on our Interactive Link technology and information assurance services.

Commercial customers include companies from the telecommunications and critical infrastructure sectors. We also work with defence, government departments, intelligence services and law enforcement, regulatory and administrative agencies.


Modern society depends on information and communications technology for its economic health, for government, for national defence and for day-to-day social and cultural well-being. This increasing dependence means that everyone is potentially exposed to risks from disruption and denial of service due to fraud and espionage attacks. Intellectual property and other commercially sensitive information (for example, business strategies) can be attractive targets.

delivering maximum data protection for customers worldwide

Our products and services reduce organisational risk by protecting valuable corporate information, as well as detecting and defeating cyber threats.

Increased susceptibility to cyber attack can occur when the sharing of information stretches beyond traditional (and even national) boundaries.

Our technology is integrated into gateways and cross domain solutions to help repel and treat attacks, whilst supporting the secure sharing of sensitive data and effective collaboration between different government departments and agencies.


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